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Sonny Angel Birthday Bear Gift. The model that is sent is a surprise. Size 8-10cm. This product does not accept returns.

18,00 €

Sonny Angel Animals Series 1 you can find one of the animals in the image. And if you're lucky, one of the two special secrets in this collection. The model that is sent is a surprise. Size 8-10cm. This product does not accept returns.

12,00 €

SONNY ANGEL CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT 2023 NEW LIMITED EDITION. You will be able to decorate your Christmas trees with the Sonny Angel this year! Discover without delay this magical series composed of 6 figurines (if you are lucky you can come across one of 3 secrets or Robby) Sold individually, surprise box.

16,00 €

Large Octopus The Adventures of Paulie Moulin Roty. Paulie is a colorful 80cm octopus. With his long arms and cute little eyes, this large companion will become the little ones' best friend for tender and big hugs or to decorate the room.

64,95 €

Birthday Cake from Little Dutch. Decorate this wonderful cake with fruit and whipped cream and share it with your guests. The set includes 6 ready-to-cut slices of cake, removable candles and toppings, a cake plate and server. We wish you a happy birthday!

21,50 €

Wooden Tea Service Set from Little Dutch. Let's have a cup of tea! With this cute wooden tea set, your little one can serve delicious cups of tea. With milk or sugar, or a slice of lemon or sprig of mint? All ingredients for a perfect tea party with friends. WARNING: Do not use with real food/water or a real stove/oven.

27,50 €

Wooden Toy Fire Station from Little Dutch. Is there a fire somewhere? Quickly open the doors and let the fire engine through. Oh, no! There's a cat stuck in the tree! Fortunately, the firefighters get there quickly. The expansion includes fires, employees, trees, burning bin, water pump, dog, fire engine with ladder truck and fire station.

31,95 €

Wooden Toy Coffee Machine from Little Dutch. Is it time for coffee yet? Brew, serve and play all day with this lovely coffee maker. Bring your mum and dad a fresh cup of coffee in the morning. Or invite your favourite dolls to your little coffee corner. This wooden coffee machine comes with two cups, two spoons and five different coffee pods.

28,50 €

Musical TV Little Farm from Little Dutch. Musical TV toy with several images and sounds that can be changed from a wheel. With motifs from Little Dutch's Little Farm collection.

23,95 €

Wooden Toy Tractor with trailer Little Farm from Little Dutch. Vroom vroom, here comes the tractor with all the animals! Super fun toy to stimulate your little one's imagination. In addition to the animals, you'll also find two milk bottles in the trailer. Bring everything to the farm and your task is complete. Everything is made of wood, so it can last a...

26,99 €

Wooden Toy Pull Along Chickens from Little Dutch. These chickens like to go on an adventure with you through the house. Pull the string and go on an adventure together! These pull-along toys are made of durable wood. It encourages your child to walk and helps with motor development.

15,95 €

Wooden Truck from Little Dutch. Oh, dear! Car trouble on the road. Luckily, getting the 4 included vehicles to the garage is no problem for this wooden truck. Will you help load the cars onto the truck via the trailer? That way, the truck driver can get to work quickly. A real must-have for your littlest car fanatics!

23,95 €

Wooden Toy Stacker Butterfly from Little Dutch. Let's build a butterfly together! This 16-block stacking puzzle is a real challenge. Place the blocks onto the holder one by one to build a colourful butterfly. Can you see the wings take shape? The butterfly stacking puzzle contributes to the hand-eye coordination of your child and makes for a lovely...

21,95 €

Wooden Toy Stacker Sailboat from Little Dutch. Let’s build a sailboat together! This stacker of 14 blocks is a real challenge. Place the pieces on the holder one by one and try to create a sailboat. Or make your own creation. The sailboat stacker supports the hand-eye coordination but also makes a nice decorative item for the nursery.

22,50 €

Wooden Toy Cash Register from Little Dutch. Let's play shop! Imagine having your own little shop. Scan the products and press the small buttons to present the total. Would you like to pay cash or by card? This wooden cash register comes with both a pin terminal as well as coins and banknotes that can be saved in the cash drawer.

20,50 €

Wooden Toy Beauty Case from Little Dutch. Just like mom. Kids learn by imitating. Inspire imaginative play with this blooming beauty case. Enhanced with a vivid floral pattern, it comes with 10 different pretend play wooden beauty products.

32,50 €

Wooden Toy Set Doctor from Little Dutch. Your patients will feel much better quickly when you have this doctor’s bag at hand, ready to take their temperature, check their heartbeat and blood pressure and to dress their wounds. This role play teaches children that a doctor’s visit isn’t a scary thing at all!

28,50 €

Maileg Gingerbread House for Mice. New for 2023 is this wonderful Maileg Gingerbread house. It features two floors and an attic room with a fireplace and chimney. The rooms are decorated with beautiful Maileg patterns and the floors have a tiled and wood effect. The perfect decoration for Christmas but can also be used as a mini dolls house all year...

60,00 €

Storybook Torch Set La Petite École De Danse Moulin Roty. Lovely magnetic box, designed like a book and containing: a projection lamp with 5 beautifully illustrated fairy tale stories from La Petite Ecole de Danse and precious invitation cards to the shows. in the shape of mini postcards.

24,95 €

Snow Globe The Little Dance School Moulin Roty. Globe snow globe with resin figurine. Poetic decorative element to bring a little magic to little ones! The holographic sequins will swirl around Victorine! On track for magical moments!

29,95 €

Moulin Roty Sticker Book Les Parisiennes. 20 page coloring book. in delicate black pencil. illustrated by Lucille Michieli representing different spaces to animate using 145 colorful stickers. 5 animal plates. of objects. of furniture. plants to stick together to create your own world.

9,95 €

Moulin Roty Coloring Book Les Parisiennes. Colored pencils are out to bring the characters in this coloring book to life. Including coloring illustrations, but also activities, this book will immerse children in a poetic universe. Made in France.

7,95 €

Les Parisiennes Porcelain tea set in suitcase from Moulin Roty. Ceramic tea service decorated with delicate motifs illustrated by Lucille Michieli. presented in a lovely box to serve as a snack to her mother and her doll friends. Includes 1 teapot. 4 cups and 4 plates. 1 milk jug and 1 sugar bowl.

49,95 €

Madame Constance Doll Limited Edition Les Parisiennes by Moulin Roty. Amazing Constance in limited edition! Floral dress, fur vest and boots with golden buckles, she amazes with her originality. Les Parisiennes doll with a sweet embroidered and screen-printed face, presented in a box illustrated by Lucille Michieli.

74,95 €
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