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Plan Toys is a manufacturer of sustainable wooden toys. Colorful toys made from sustainable, recycled and non-toxic materials. At PlanToys they prioritize sustainability and child development. They design and produce toys based on child safety and the different stages of the child's growth, which is why Plan Toys wooden toys are specially designed to improve children's physical and cognitive development. With Plan Toys wooden toys, children not only develop their ability to imagine and create, but also get closer to nature and better understand the importance of an ecological lifestyle.

Assorted Fruit Set Plan Toys. The set includes a cutting board, knife and 5 sliceable fruits - orange, lemon, kiwi, strawberry, and apple. Tactile details offer realistic play. Discover the selection at Jo Mami Kids of PlanToys wooden toys.

27,90 €

Wooden Toy Set Cleaning from Plan Toys. Enjoy this cleaning set with your children and join them in understanding the importance of keeping a clean space! The set includes a bucket, a spray bottle, a squeegee, a broom and a dustpan.

31,50 €

Wooden Dinosaur Toys from Plan Toys. Welcome to the Jurassic world of Dinosaurs! The dinos set will spark hours of imaginative play and comes with four wooden figures to play with with Diplodocus, Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus Rex, and Stegosaurus. Also includes animal cards.

23,50 €

Wooden Toy Doll Feeding Set from Plan Toys. It’s feeding time! This Doll Feeding Set comes with a bag, which can be hung on a stroller, a food-storage container, spoon, bib, water bottle and feeding bottle. The set helps children to develop a sense of love and care through role-play.

32,90 €

Food and Beverage Set Plan Toys. Includes orange juice, water, milk, tomato sauce, jam, and honey. Ideal for kitchen play. Discover the selection at Jo Mami Kids of PlanToys wooden toys.

23,50 €

Wooden Toy Lacing Sheep from Plan Toys. Children can lace corresponding colors together to form a sheep. The toy helps them learn basic colors and sequence.

22,90 €

Wooden Toy Set Makeup from Plan Toys. Imagine playing as a makeup artist with this set! Children will enjoy putting makeup on themselves, their family members, their friends, or their dolls. Includes a mirror, a brush, 5 cosmetic pieces, and a waist bag.

32,50 €

My Mood Memo PlanToys. The set consists of 24 wooden tiles with 12 different emotions. Children can learn how to match two identical emotions with this fun memory game! Skills include learning about the relationship of colors and emotions. Emotion Color Wheel can help visually group feeling and practice emotion vocabulary.

27,00 €

Shape & Short It Out Wood Toys from PlanToys. It promotes the recognition of colors and shapes, as well as the development of hand-eye coordination.

37,90 €

Wooden Toy Wautomobile Car from Plan Toys. The semi-circular shaped cars come with 3 different colored waters inside. Children will enjoy rolling it around and learning about new colors by putting the cars together.

18,90 €
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