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Each fragrance makes us connect with emotions and memories, and Lua & Lee is created to evoke directly the family. A fresh and perfect colony for children, but with a soft aroma that everyone likes at home for daily use. Lua & Lee was born in a small town in Barcelona on the Mediterranean coast, with the aim of finding a fresh scent with a citrus touch and a quality according to the demands of skin as delicate as that of the baby.
Safe cosmetics for babies:
The creams and soaps of Lua & Lee contain aloe vera, sweet almond oil, extract of calendula, argan oil and orange water bio, with soothing and regenerating properties, designed specifically for the well-being of children.
All products in the line of Lua & Lee contain the right pH for babies' skin.
Not tested on animals and does not contain ingredients of animal origin either.
The creams contain mild preservatives. On the product label 6 months of use are recommended from the opening of the product. When using natural oils and very mild preservatives, a relatively short shelf life is advised, although it is most likely that, after 6 months of opening the product, it is still in optimal conditions. Legally we indicate it on the packaging with a pictogram that represents an open jar and indicates the recommended period of use once the container is opened, which is 6 months (6M).
All containers are recyclable, made of PET and aluminum.

The Eau de Cologne of Lua & Lee has 34% organic orange water, with soothing and relaxing properties. It is a healthy and fresh Eau de Toilette, with touches of orange, white flowers and musk. Ideal for the little ones due to its low alcohol content. With this container of 250ml of the cologne of Lua & Lee you can perfume without limits the whole family.

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