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List of products by manufacturer Moulin Roty

The main feature of Moulin Roty is lovingly designed and nostalgic appearing toys. The French company was founded in 1973. Back then, a group of friends bought an old mill in the small village of Le Moulin Roty, where they planned on living and working together.
Moulin Roty is a thriving company and the demand for Moulin Roty products continues to increase because the products are adorable and make a great birth and baptism gift.

Moulin Roty magic stories torch Once upon a time. Magic torch from Moulin Roty which tells stories to your child. In the lamp three different hubs can be loaded with 8 different images. Each will show a little story by individual images that are projected to your children's room wall in the dark. This makes really fun before going to bed!

12,95 €

Storybook torch Le Jardin du Moulin by Moulin Roty Discover an original way to tell stories to your little one with this storybook torch Le Jardin du Moulin ; three stories about nature: "Birds build their nest", "The caterpillar story" and "The 4 seasons".

14,95 €

Discover the blue storybook torch from Le voyage d'Olga collection ; three stories telling the adventures of the Olga, Little Chaussette and Baby Joséphine. This lamp is easy to use: insert a disc into the lamp, switch on the lamp and project the images onto a wall or ceiling. With your finger, turn the disc to make the images appear one by one while...

12,95 €
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