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Jojo Factory is a brand for fun kids, happy and overflowing with energy. That's why the collection of backpacks and fanny packs from Jojo Factory is full of life and sweetness at the same time.

Because we like to move, walk, travel and discover new horizons with our children, the Jojo Factory brand has a wide variety of bags, children's backpacks and fanny packs for the little Jojos and also for the moms organization.

Backpacks, satchels and diaper bags are the basics we have developed with love, as well as baby essentials and other essential accessories that make up their everyday life.

Trek Backpack Forest Jojo Factory. Mini backpack hiker in cotton / polyester canvas coated on the back, adjustable straps in cotton, cotton webbing handle, flap closed by two rubber straps. Patched side pockets inside, closure with a string. size 21cm x 28cm x 6cm

49,00 €
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