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Dorthe and Erik Mailil created Maileg in 1999 as a toy brand with a modern design concept. The collections of Maileg have a unique and original style created and designed by Dorthe Mailil herself. The first time you know the products of Maileg you can not avoid falling in love with them, it is impossible not to surrender to their sweetness. Maileg is that kind of toy that makes you dream and believe in fairy tales, makes you go back to childhood as soon as you see it.
The designs of the Maileg toys are unique and of very high quality, your children with them will have fun in a safe way. This type of toys are a good alternative to the options offered by the plastic toy market. Toys made with natural fabrics and cotton, wooden toys, are the sustainable and ecological alternative to return to the toys of before. Maileg designs high quality toys with a unique and traditional style. They will be the perfect gift for babies or children!

Maileg Air Mattress Mouse Flower. Vacation time. An air matress made in coated fabric for an authentic look. It is not water proof, so only play on dry ground… only in your imagination it can float on water. This set fits all mice sizes.

10,00 €

A cozy cot made of metal and comes with a mattress, blanket and pillow. You can tuck in your micro sized friends as well as brother and sister mouse. Sleep tight cute friends!

28,00 €

Baby Mice Twins Maileg. They cozy up together in their box to go to sleep and keep their mum on her toes during the day. Baby Twins are lying nicely in their sleeping bag and comes in the popular decorated handmade matchbox- let the story begin.

28,00 €

Baby Mouse Boy Sleepy Wakey Maileg. Sweet dreams and good morning. This sweet MY size baby boy is soundly sleeping on one side and wide awake on the other. He is wearing a ice blue stripped onsie.

18,50 €

Baby Mouse Girl Sleepy Wakey Maileg. Sweet dreams and good morning. This sweet MY size baby girl is soundly sleeping on one side and wide awake on the other. She is wearing a soft onsie with polka dots.

18,50 €

Baby Rabbit Green MY Maileg. Introducing the teeny tiny Maileg size called My. My rabbits are the cutest size. Flower printed fabric with a cute bow in green.

12,00 €

Maileg Babysitter. With this baby sitter it’s easy to bring your babies to sleep. It fits the Micro sized rabbits, mice babies.

10,00 €

Maileg Beach Chair Set. Vacation time. Bring these lovely striped beach chairs to the beach, and you will always have a perfect seat for your mice.

21,00 €

Maileg Beach Set for Big Brother Mouse. Vacation time. This set include all essential accessories for a fun day at the beach: trunks, goggles and a towel. It all fits the mice in size big brother/sister perfectly.

14,00 €

Maileg Beach Set Shovel, Bucket and Shells. Vacation time. The perfect play set for the beach. A bucket, shovel and miniature sand toy are included. This set fits all mice sizes.

18,50 €

Maileg Beach Umbrella. Vacation time. Everyone needs some time in the shade on a sunny day on the beach. This small beach umbrella is made in fabric and the center is made of wood.

14,00 €

Maileg Big Brother in Cabin de Plage. Vacation time. This mouse is ready for a day at the beach, with all needed accessories and a beautiful striped beach house.

31,00 €

Big Brother Mouse in box Maileg. There's no buddy like a Big Brother. A classic Maileg item. This big brother mouse is ready for hours of play and sleeps tight in a little matchbox. The clothes and bed linen are made of soft fabrics with unique prints and beautiful colors.

28,00 €

Maileg Big Brother Surfer. Vacation time. Surfer big brother is the instructor for his two pupils: little brother and sister surfer mice. The board includes two elastic straps at the bottom so he can keep his feet in place. Big brother surfer also has magnetic hands, so he can steer his sail wherever he wants to go!

42,50 €

Maileg Big Sister Hiker Mouse. Let's take a hike with our new friends. Hiker girl will spend days in the wilderness with her sleeping bag, blue dress and fashionable bandana.

35,00 €

Maileg Big Sister in Cabin de Plage. Vacation time. This mouse is ready for a day at the beach, with all needed accessories and a beautiful striped beach house.

31,00 €

Big Sister Mouse in box Maileg. Big sister mouse is too cute with her dress. Her bed is always ready and she sleeps tight in her matchbox. The beautiful bedlinen is made of soft fabrics with beautiful print. It comes in your matchbox with mattress, pillow and blanket.

28,00 €

The bunny & rabbit collection is made of soft natural linen & cotton fabric - which gives a lovely handfeel and look. This rabbit in a casual sailor outfit.

32,50 €

Maileg Castle with Kitchen. A beautiful home for all mice. It is made of cardboard covered by unique Maileg prints. On the ground floor, you find a small kitchen, and on the 2. floor a small balcony. Let the story begin...

81,60 €

Maileg Chef mouse w. soup pot and spoon. A lovely playset with a chef mouse, soup pot, and spoon. Make dinner time a play with this sweet set. Match it up with Maileg kitchen collection and miniature food for the story to continue.

33,60 €

The Christmas Mouse Big Brother comes in the beautiful matchbox, where it sleeps in the soft bed linen. It fits perfectly into the Maileg gingerbread house.

26,00 €

A cosy Maileg Mouse Girl dressed in Christmas clothes readys to celebrate the wonderful days of Christmas.

39,50 €

Maileg Cooking Set. Playfull stove box opens up to reveal everything you need to cook a perfect imaginary dinner. The set includes a pot, pan, colander and utensils.

25,00 €

A beautifull wooden cradle painted in a soft rose pink. The rocking cradle comes with a mattress and pretty sleeping bag and when gently rocked can help the baby mice fall asleep. Sleep tight cute friends!

24,00 €
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