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Bag Ecolier Marine by Emile et Ida.

34,50 € 69,00 € -50%

Bag Ecolier Ecru by Emile et Ida.

34,50 € 69,00 € -50%

Sticky Lemon Phone Pouch. A lemonade pink + cinnamon brown + apricot orange phone pouch. It has a shoulder strap. The body is made from microfiber. This pouch is made for the Iphone 6,7,8 & 10.

19,95 €

Sticky Lemon large backpack Sparkles Orange. A apricot orange + lavender large backpack. It has adjustable shoulder handles. The body is made from recycled PET bottles, the lining has a sprinkles pattern and is waterproof. The zipper is from YKK. On the inside you'll find an elastic bottle holder and a pocket all over the back that closes with velcro...

54,95 €
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